Keoki’s “Kia Manu” Putter - A force to be reckoned with...

Review by Norm Bisho

keoki-DH010026Although I don't usually review or endorse putters, I was recently sent a putter that was so well made I felt it necessary to let people know about it by doing a thorough review. The PuttMyWay and Win!© putting system works well with any putter, however, some are just clearly made a bit better than others. My first impression of the Kia Manu was that of excellent craftsmanship and feel, so that's a good start. It’s face-blanced, which I feel is important for holding a line in the backswing and in the follow-thorough.

Ok, it looks great, but how does it hold a line? The Kia Manu holds up surprisingly well. After trying around ten 20 Ft. warmup putts, one test I usually do early on is a very long putt (around 95 feet) with 4 golf balls. 4 out of 4 were inside a 1 Ft. radius, one of them dropped in and another of that group was 6" from the cup. The Keoki was pretty much toe-to-toe with my favorite putter, and I was not even used to it yet. Next is swing weight & feel. This one felt good, although it had a slightly different weight than my putter. It didn’t take long to adjust to that, though, so no problem there.

The Kia Manu pretty much handled every other small test I threw at it with authority. I always look for a putter that can keep the ball from ‘popping’ (keeping the ball on the ground or having no bounce) because when it pops up, it will almost always go off line. On top of that, sudden shifts in the center of gravity will cause not only popping, but very bad popping. The Kia Manu held it down nicely partly due to the face-balanced head and the placement of the weights, keeping the center of gravity very much under control.

I’ve rated this putter excellent in the following areas:

  • • Design - face-balanced!
  • • Machining
  • • Distance Control
  • • Effective for tour playing professionals as well as amateur golfers.
  • • Meets swing weight for Bermuda grass. For tour greens, an E-E2 swing weight may be preferable. Keoki has most standard putting weights available for order.


A player without using a face-balanced and center-shafted putter will have a tougher time being consistent. This putter promotes confidence, consistency and a putting stroke that rolls the ball well and stays on line. If there are breaks to the hole, the ball will take them. The close and medium shots are easier since there is immediate acceleration. Shots of 95 plus feet end up close to the cup or in. Well, that’s it for now. If you want to get one for yourself, be sure to visit




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