FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

A few quick answers are listed here for some of the most common questions:

woman-puttingQ: What is a 'system' and why should I be concerned with that?

A: By definition, a system is a set of interacting or interdependent entities forming an integrated whole. They are used for controlling an airplane, spacecraft, computer, mathematics and many other critical things for example. Even each major part of the human body is referred to as a 'system'. Systems do not fail until an integral part of them is removed or broken. At that point it is no longer a system. The same applies to our putting system, which must be used in its entirety with no additions or removals. Remember, systems are designed to succeed consistently. However, 'styles' will usually hit or miss on any given day due to variables that are randomly introduced without the user even knowing they're there! We've done all the work in removing the variables that interfere with putting for you, so just simply apply our system and enjoy a better golf score!

Q: What makes your system better than what I can learn from a touring pro?

A: Most pros even today use styles instead of a system. Although one or more parts may be close to correct, variables are still present and will undoubtedly cause problems that will break down the 'style' and cause missed putts. In order to avoid variables, you'll want to stick to a tried-and-true system. Remember, styles work for some and not others. Our system works effectively with everyone.

Q: Which type of putter should I use?

A: There are quite a few myths about putter types. Any good putter will work with our system, and we encourage you to use your favorite putter if you like. The expensive ones are more for show, although some golfers actually think these are magic wands.

Q: What do you think about the belly putter and the long putter?

A: The belly putter is only a temporary fix and the long putter is a nightmare trying to handle long putts and breaking putts on slopes. It takes a lot of practice to use these, but if a pro tournament player has a style that won’t work anymore he tends to uses these monster putters as a crutch.

Q: I was watching TV and saw a laser putter demonstrated. Is a laser putter an advantage or a disadvantage?

A: It is a disadvantage because it is not legal in the game of golf (by most course rules and during competition). If every part of your body is not calibrated and does not allow you to move the club properly, you will most likely still miss the putt. Remember, the putter is only an inanimate object. Some putters are more balanced than others, but it's the correct body movement that makes the great putts. Practicing with the wrong body movement while using a device will actually introduce new variables without the person even knowing the variables are there! Take away the device and you're right back to hit-and-miss putting. Variables are why most golfers are hot and cold on the greens. We've removed the interfering variables for you already, so just simply apply our system and enjoy peace of mind.

Q: How important is the grip? Should I use the same grip for putting that I use for irons and tee shots?

A: NO! The grip used for the golf swing from the fairway or tee box creates variables when putting. That's why we've developed the Putt My Way Grip that eliminates the variables when you're on the green. We explain this grip in great detail in the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad application . You can become a great putter with very little practice.

Q: Am I allowed to teach this system?

A: The Putt my Way and Win!© putting system created by Norm Bisho is the sole property of NBF Enterprises, Inc. Teaching Professionals and individuals are strictly prohibited by law from teaching the Putt My Way and Win!© putting system unless they are licensed and authorized by NBF Enterprises, Inc., as per the End User License Agreement in the iPhone/iPod touch application. If you are a teaching pro and would like to teach our system, please use the contact form on this website to request a licensing application.

Q: I want to learn the system now! Where can I purchase the information?

A: The Putt my Way and Win!© putting system is now available as an ebook for IOS Devices via the iBooks app at the iTunes® store! Get your copy today and enjoy a lower golf score!! Private training is also available on an individual or group basis. Please use our contact form to request information.


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