Success Stories

Read some comments from people who have taken advantage of the Putt My Way and Win!© Putting System iPhone/iPod touch ebook now available on the iTunes® Store:

jackie Jackie Pung
LPGA Master Teaching Professional

“If I had this information when I was competing, I would have won many more tournaments.
Many thanks, Norm!”
lynn Lynn Papworth
Lead Presenter & Trainer

“Since learning the ‘Putt My Way and Win!© System, I’ve lowered my putting average to 25-27 putts per round.”
george George Lewitzki
Owner, Golf Treasures

“Since I’ve been using the system, I’ve dropped 6 strokes off my game!”
carlos Carlos Rodas
Amateur, 3 handicap (10 handicap before learning our putting system)

“This putting system was the best thing I’ve learned since taking up golf. Great results - I’ve already dropped 7 strokes! Thanks, Norm!”
generic Dennis Manske
PGA Professional/Teaching Professional

"Dear Norm,

What can I say other than, you were right! I have putted traditional style, traditional style open stance, left-hand low and squared, left-hand low and open, ball forward, ball middle, ball back, (pause and take a deep breath) long putter, short putter, blade, mallet, roll face, short stroke, long stroke, take it straight back, swing it in an arc, and combinations of all the above, whew! You said that these were all putting "styles" and what I needed was a putting "system". My stroke average at its best was 1.86. I believe that is where number 126 on the PGA money list is. The average putter on tour is 1.65, but since I have been putting your way, I am annoyed with myself if my putting average is that high. I can usually trace a high stroke average back to poor approach shots or more commonly, really poor turf when the strokes reach 1.65. My best round was 1.40 with a total putting distance of about 190 feet. Yes, the short game was on, but the putting, was deadly.

I have always had trouble with long putts, 40-60+ feet. I would get blocked and even felt I had to make a hip turn to putt that far. The ball would never start on line and distance was a matter of pure luck. I would rather have had to chip. Three putt at best, guaranteed. Now I occasionally catch myself muttering, "damn, a two putt." How's that for gratitude? Norm, I can't thank you enough!"

carlos John Ray Jones (J.R. Jones)
PGA Professional/Teaching Professional

Dear Norm,


The putting system that you have discovered has not only revolutionized my own putting stroke, but also my two best golfing buddies! We are all amazed that the method works great even when the stroke isn't perfect. We are also delighted that your method does not include "Rocket Science Stuff." Even we could catch on! And instantly!


Norm, I personally want to thank you for finally giving me a system to rely on with putting. I certainly wish that I had this when I went to PGA qualifying school in 97-98. You have now helped me regain my enjoyment of putting and I feel that's the most important point of all.


I will continue to be a goodwill ambassador for your putting system. You are the first person that I've dealt with that emphasized putting was a 'system'. My eternal thanks.


Anything I can do to help promote your organization would be a privilege. I sincerely appreciate your graciousness,


Yours very truly,


J.R. Jones

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